Power English 11월 20일

2007. 11. 20. 20:41일상다반사/외국어

11th November.


1. Business Talk!.


Tile is ; shall we go ahead and sign the deal?(3)

Mr.Jacobs : It's pleasure to do business with you too,Mr.Morgan. I'm sure you will be very happy with our products.

You know , when we first started bidding on this deal,I thought we were a long shot . There were so many other companies in the race.

Mr.Morgan : Well, your software is outstanding. And to tell you the truth, compared to the leading players, your products provide the best bang for the buck.

Mr.Jacobs : Thank you . I'm sure you'll have no regrets. Let us know if there's anything else we can do to help.

Mr.Morgan : We will. I look forward to doing business with you again.

Mr.Jacobs : So do I. As you know,everyone at NOAsoft is looking forward to a long-term relationship with GCN.Togather , the sky's the limit.

Mr.Morgan : Let's hope so


Memorable Words ;

*Long shot (an unlikely event)승산 없는 시도;(기대와 결과의 )큰 차이

*In the race(competing persons,business ,etc) 경기에 참가한 , 승산이 있는

*Bang for the buck (the quality of a product per its dollar cost)들이는 돈에 부합되는 가치 ,서비스 ,물건

*No regrets (no feelings that one has made a mistake) 후회없음

*The sky's the limit (great things are possible ) 제한이 없다. 가능성이 무한하다

2. Day in and Day out


Tile is ;You guys have a falling out?(3)


Mia : Oh,Brad, I feel for you .That really stinks.But maybe once work calms down and her father gets better, maybe then you can start up with Soo again .

Brad : Yea, Maybe. I guess we'll see how things go.We are going to try and keep in touch and remain friends . You know,play it by ear.

Mia : Well I hope so .Soo's a great girl , and you are a great guy. It's just a bad timing right now.

She likes you enough to tell you that she can't give you the attention a boyfriend deserves right now



Memorable Words ;

*feel for sb 유감 스럽다.

*stink 아무 쓸모없다, 불쾌하다

*keep in touch 자주 연락하다

*play it by ear 임기응변으로 처신하다



3. Basic expressions(사귀다 표현)


pattern 1 See sb sb와 사귀다


You see anyone?

How long have you been seeing him?

I wanna stop seeing you


pattern 2 go out(with sb) (sb와 ) 사귀다 .데이트 하다


We've been going out for 5 years

You know Mia? I used to go out with her


pattern 3 Cheat on sb sb 몰래 바람피우다


Your boyfriend cheated on you.

I'll kill you if you ever cheat on me!




4. Today's Tip!(그 영어 미국사람한테는 이렇게 들려!)


1.나 자신에 대해 정확히 전달한다.


1) 그냥 제프라고 불러주세요

X You can call me jeff.

이렇게 들려 : 진짜 이름은 밝힐 수 없지만 그냥 제프라고 불러 ( 수상쩍은데~)

이렇게 말해 : I'm jefferson . you can call me Jeff .

먼저 정확히 자신의 이름을 말하는 것이 예의


2) 사람을 잘 사귀지 못해요

X I'm not very friendly

이렇게 들려 : 나는 곧잘 불끈 화를 내며 난폭해 진다.

이렇게 말해 : I'm not very outgoing


3) 영어는 조금 할 수 있어요

X I can speak English a little .

이렇게 들려 : 영어는 어느정도 할수 있으니 바보취급 하지마!

이렇게 말해 : I can speak a little english


4) 저는 아직 독신입니다.

X I still remain single.

이렇게 들려 : 저는 지금 껏 단호하게 독신을 고수 하고 있습니다.

이렇게 말해:I'm still single


5) 저는 서울에서 자랐습니다.

X I was grown up in Seoul

이렇게 들려 : 내가 서울에 있었을 때는 이미 어른 이었다.

이렇게 말해 : I grew up in seoul.




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