Ext JS 3.0

2009. 9. 23. 08:54Programming/JavaScript



UI 관련 JavaScript 라이브러리로 유명한 ExtJS 3.0이 얼마전에 나왔죠.

크게 바뀐 점은 많이 사용해보지 않은 저는 잘 모르겠군요.

대신 아래 발췌해온 내용 처럼 Designer Preview 라는 내용이 흥미롭군요.

Adobe Air 프로그램으로 ExtJS 를 이용한 디자인을 하고 미리보면서 작업할 수 있어요.

UI를 보면서 작업한다는게 참 멋지고 좋을듯..?

Designer Preview

Constructing your interfaces in code will be a thing of the past. We are releasing a Designer Preview that will allow you to experiment with the designer interface and to explore how configs affect your layout. Soon, you will be able to build your application components using base Ext components and Certified User Extensions.

Code generation is currently not available. Our intentions are to charge a fee for this service and to enable our community to create and sell their creations on our marketplace. Our goals are lofty. We want to be the iTunes of Web App Development.