CUNext Tuesday

    Ke$ha - CUNext Tuesday

    요즘 필 필 받아서 듣고 있는 노래~ 캐샤 스타일과 조금 거리가 있다고 느껴지는 곡이지만, 듣기 편하고 참 좋은 곡 같다 :) 케샤(Kesha Rose Sebert) / 가수 출생 1987년 03월 30일 신체 팬카페 상세보기 I was looking lost it was cold outside The whiskey rocks how you caught my eye My red lips painted just got them black I needed something to bring me back You knew the play and we danced all night But something wasn't right So I'll see you next Tuesday If I ever get desp..