Exchange CAS 서버를 방화벽 내에 설치하지 말라!

2009. 10. 27. 16:34System/Microsoft Exchange

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Exchange 2007, 2010 CAS(Client Access Servers) 서버를 방화벽 네트워크 내에 (Perimeter network, DMZ, NAT) 두지 말라고 하는군요.

이러한 구성은 권장하는 사항이 아니며, Microsoft에서 테스트 되지 않았고, 또한 이러한 구성에 대해 지원하지 않을 계획이라고 합니다.

원문의 내용에


As you start planning for deploying an E2007/E2010 CAS server in the perimeter network, you quickly notice that there is no documentation for how to do this though. You will probably even find the TechNet documentation which explains this is explicitly not supported by Microsoft. Microsoft doesn't test or support any topologies which put firewalls between a CAS and a Mailbox (MBX) server. The only Exchange 2007/2010 role which is supported for deployment in a perimeter network, and with a firewall server separating it from other Exchange server it talks to, is the Edge role. This is true for Exchange servers talking to one another within and between AD Sites.

다음 처럼 설명이 있네요.

원문 전체를 읽어보지 않았지만, 참고하세요~~ ^ ^

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